Relaxsit EPS Pearls – Premium Quality Polystyrene Beads – Bean Bag Refilling Available in 0.5, 1, 2, and 4kg Packets - relaxsit

    Relaxsit EPS Pearls – Premium Quality Polystyrene Beads – Bean Bag Refilling Available in 0.5, 1, 2, and 4kg Packets

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    • High-density beans of the finest quality
    • Micro-sized polystyrene beads; easy filling procedure
    • Produce less noisy, long-lasting, and compact-shaped bean bags
    • Best choice for a lounge sofa, gaming chair, and pouf refilling
    • Can be painted and turned into a fancy decoration piece
    • Availability in varying capacity to suit your requirement

    Payment Methods (COD, (Cash on Delivery) ,Jazzcash ,easypaisa, Bank transfer)

    • Find the best bean bag filler at Relaxsit made with polystyrene beads of the finest quality. We ensure non-toxic and fully breathable EPS pearls that’ll shape your bean bag into an all-new comfy sitting solution.

      Breathe new life into your standard lounge chair, gaming chair, kids sofa bean bag, or a comfy study chair with our bean bag refilling. These micro-sized balls are much denser and thus recreate compact-shaped couches, chairs, poufs, and pillows.

      Make your sitting solution & lounge decor last longer than ever with this bean bag refill. These polystyrene balls are available in 0.5, 1, 2, and 4kg packaging to let you make an ideal choice according to your requirement.

      Refilling Procedure

      Take off the bean bag poly packaging. Place the bag and bean filler into a dry bathtub.

      Be sure to get a helping hand from a friend. They can hold the unzipped cover wide open and you can do the filling process conveniently.

      Make a funnel out of one side of the bean bag refill packet. Now, start pouring the refill beads gradually. Make sure the bag is being shaken well every now and then to get the balls all around the bean bag evenly.

      Out of hurry, do not put the neck of your bean filler packet into the liner; you might spill and waste plenty of beans when pulling out. So, better be patient and wait until it fills up to the required level.

      Now, zip up your bean bag, look for any spillage and get rid of it immediately. The spilled beads are certainly a safety hazard for pets or kids in case they try to swallow them.

      Give it a nice & firm shape by jiggling it well. In your hands, now, is a fresh rejuvenated bean bag!

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    • NOTE: the filler (the wee white balls) are really light and blow everywhere if there is the slightest breeze - so close windows when filling. If you don't have a bathtub just use a room with plenty of floor space so you can see if there is any spillage and pick up straight away.

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